Special Community for International Students in North Conway

  1. Learn How To Ski or Snowboard!
    Learn How To Ski or Snowboard!
  2. Enjoy Summers in North Conway!
    Enjoy Summers in North Conway!
    Beaches and Mountains

  Summer 2019 Students Welcome!

Welcome to North Conway Work and Travel.  We created this website to help international students with J1 visas to prepare for their amazing adventure in North Conway, New Hampshire.  Here you will learn more information about packing for your trip, booking your flight, what to expect when you arrive, transportation suggestions, housing information, and local services.

North Conway is surrounded by the White Mountains National Forest that is the home of the tallest peak in North Eastern United States, Mount Washington.  It offers the finest skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, kayaking, shopping, and camping; drawing visitors from around the world.  Here you’ll learn how to make the most out of your visit to North Conway.   

This website is designed to not only to provide all the information you need about planning a visit to North Conway; but, to create a community of past and present students who want to share their experiences with one another.  Please post, share, and tag your experiences in North Conway so that together, we can follow, help, and learn.  Have a great trip!
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Travel tips for booking your flights!
                 Learn about North Conway!
 Booking your airline tickets can get tricky. Learn more about how to navigate the airports you book your flights to. Maximize your travel by booking your return flight from a different airport that you flew in to. Learn about various airline luggage policies to ensure a smooth process at the airport.
 There are many important things you will need to know prior to arriving in North Conway . This page provides you with all the important information you will need during your stay. Learn about how to get around, banking options  and ways to make the most out of your stay in the North Conway area. 
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