Special Community for International Students in North Conway


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Tips For Other Accomdations:

Our recommendation is to stay as close to work as possible, especially during the winter months.  In the winter, you want to be close to work due to inclement weather and because you will be walking to work.  In the summer, you may live a little further out from the city because you can purchase a bicycle for about $90 dollars. 

Be careful when placing deposits on rooms. Some people might try to take advantage of new students by taking money and not providing a place to stay. Others might put students in inappropriate or unsanitary housing hoping that they will not report anything. If you are in a housing situation with too many students, that breaks health codes, forces you to live in unsanitary conditions, or other issues don't be afraid to reach out to your sponsers and employers.

If you have problems with your housing:
1- Call your sponser company immediately 
2- Notify your workplace manager 
3- Call the TOWN OF CONWAY:
                    Town of North Conway Fire Department: (603)-356-5327
                    Town of Conway Building Inspector: 603-447-3811 ext:4
                    Police Department: 603-356-5715

Your visa cannot be cancelled for reporting bad housing conditions!

Lodging prices vary by landlord.  When selecting a place to live, make sure you have a reputable landlord.  Some landlords in North Conway will put 20 people in a small apartment. Stay away from those landlords.  

Landlords must have a Meals and Rooms License and other city permits to operate a lodging facility. 

Rent should cost between 110 and 130 dollars per person per week.  It should include: electricity, cable, internet, water, heat, and bedding.   Most landlords require a 300 dollar refundable deposit.

Join our Facebook group to get housing suggestions from past students.