Special Community for International Students in North Conway


The easiest airport to fly into that has direct bus service to North Conway, NH is Boston Logan Airport that’s located in Boston, Massachusetts.  Concord Coach Lines leaves Logan Airport at 9:25 AM and 3:40 pm. When selecting your flights, try to arrive in time for one of these busses.  When booking your flight we recommend that you arrive at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled bus departure time as it will take time to clear immigration and customs. If your flight arrives after 3:40 pm, you will be in Boston overnight. Concord Coach Lines is the only BUS service to North Conway, New Hampshire. 

VERY IMPORTANT: The Concord Bus runs on limited service in the winter. Only the 3:40pm bus daily from Logan Airport and South Station to North Conway. 

If your plan is to do some additional traveling after you finish your work contract, we recommend booking the return flight to your home country from a different city. The most popular destination is New York City. There is three airports in the New York City area. NEWARK (EWR), JOHN F KENNEDY (JFK) AND LAGUARDIA (LGA). Another city to leave from is Washington, DC (DCA or IAD). 



When you arrive at the Boston Logan Airport terminal: go all the way to the right.  Look for the orange sign that says: scheduled busses for Maine and New Hampshire.  You want to go to North Conway, New Hampshire. The bus ticket price for Concord Coach Lines is $36 one way. Concord Coach Lines leaves Logan Airport at 9:25 AM and 3:40 pm. VERY IMPORTANT: The Concord Bus runs on limited service in the winter. Only the 3:40pm bus daily from Logan Airport and South Station to North Conway.

The journey to North Conway from Boston is about 4 hours.  Most busses have Wi-Fi and provide bottle water.  Prior to boarding, we suggest you grab a snack because it is a bit of a long trip through the scenic mountains to New Hampshire.

Concord Trailways Website:  http://www.concordtrailways.com
Concord Trailways North Conway:  https://concordcoachlines.com/stop/north-conway-nh/



If you have time or want to stay the night in Boston you can use the Silver Line Bus to go to South Station.  South Station is the Bus Station and Train Station for downtown Boston.  South Station is walking distance to: the theater district, China town, the North End (Italian District), Boston Common (the largest park in Boston like New York’s Central Park), and other great places. Concord Trailways leaves South Station at 10 AM and 4:15 PM to North Conway.  The fare to North Conway is $31 each way (dont' forget about limited service in the winter - only the 4:15PM runs to North Conway).

You can store your luggage at South Station for a small fee. 

For more information about luggage storage go to:

Find a comfortable place to stay overnight, connect to the WI-FI and meet new friends. It's very common for students to spend the night at the airport. Don't be afraid to speak to others that look like they are traveling. If you arriving in the winter and you are spending the night at the airport, we suggest taking the Silver Line Bus (FREE) to South Station in the morning, storing your luggage there (5th Floor) and exploring Boston. The bus ticket from South Station to North Conway will be less expensive than if you took if from Logan Airport.

Boston Transporation:

Boston South Station Website:  http://www.south-station.net/
Concord Trailways Website:  http://www.concordtrailways.com
Concord Trailways Boston:  https://concordcoachlines.com/route/berlin-conway-boston-logan-airport/
Boston Subway and Buses:  http://www.mbta.com/

Famous Boston Neighbors:

Boston China Town:  http://boston-chinatown.info/
Boston Common:  https://www.boston.gov/parks/boston-common
Boston North End:  http://www.northendboston.com/

Shopping in Boston:

Boston Copley:  http://www.simon.com/mall/copley-place
Faneuil Hall:  http://www.faneuilhallmarketplace.com/
Prudential Center:  http://www.prudentialcenter.com

Famous in Boston:

Boston Red Sox:  http://boston.redsox.mlb.com/
New England Patriots:  http://www.patriots.com/
Boston Celtics:  http://www.nba.com/celtics/
Boston Bruins:  https://www.nhl.com/bruins
Mike's Pastry:  https://www.mikespastry.com
Boston Cream Pie:  https://www.omnihotels.com/blog/boston-cream-pie-recipe-original/
Boston Duck Tour:  http://www.bostonducktours.com/


If you choose to stay in Boston, you can find an inexpensive place to stay at HostelWorld.com. Prices for a mixed dorm starts at $50 a night.  For hotels we suggest looking at PriceLine.com or Kayak.com Hotel prices range from $100 to $500 a night in Boston. Some hotels near the airport offer a free shuttle from the airport.  If you do book a hotel make sure you have a credit or debit card. Most hotels hold $100-$200 on credit cards for damage.

HostelWorld: http://www.hostelworld.com  
Kayak:  http://www.kayak.com
PriceLine:  http://www.priceline.com


When you arrive at North Conway, New Hampshire you’ll be at the Eastern Slop Inn.  This is the center of North Conway.  If you don’t have pre-arranged transportation, we recommend you bring at least one dollar in quarters to make a call for a Taxi.  The payphone is located inside Eastern Slope Inn.  If you can’t locate a phone, ask the front desk to use the phone.  

Another option is to use a phone app like Skype (using the bus’s included Wi-Fi) to make a call while on the bus minutes before you arrive. The taxi company is: Fast Taxi and the phone number is: 603-356-0000.  The average rate is about $10 to get to your destination (within North Conway).  If you need a larger vehicle to accommodate additional people or room for extra luggage space, the fare may be 20 dollars or more.

Eastern Slope Inn:  http://www.easternslopeinn.com/
Fast Taxi North Conway:  http://www.fastaxi.net/
Skype Phone Service APP:  https://www.skype.com/en/


When traveling to The United States of America most students bring a lot of luggage.  This is not necessary because most products, including brand name products, are less expensive here. There is also no sales tax in New Hampshire; therefore, you spend less money.  We advise you to come with one suitcase so you can purchase your computers, iPhone, game consoles, clothing, and a second suitcase in America before you return home. 

In most cases, you’re traveling a long way from home.  It would be nice to bring some local food from your home country to share with your roommates.  Ensure you bring packaged food; not fresh fruits or produce. 


When you bring carry-on luggage the airline companies require the maximum bottle size to be 3.4 oz/100ml.  The bottles must be placed in a quart sized clear resealable bag.  Any containers bigger than 3.4oz/100ml must be placed in your checked luggage.  If you try to bring the larger bottles, you will be asked to throw them out.

Your airline has guidelines for carry-on luggage suitcase sizes; please review those policies prior to arriving at the airport.

Please be sure to arrive at the airport 3 hours ahead of departure time because flights flying directly to America require extra security screening and time. 


If you arrive in the winter, please wear layers of clothing.  It is cold and you’ll want to have enough clothes to stay warm.  Furthermore, you want to remove layers of clothes when you get indoors.  Gloves, a hat, and waterproof boots are needed.  It could be as cold as minus 20 degrees Celsius.

In the summer, it is typically between 15C to 38C.  The summer days are warm but the nights can be cool.  Wearing a combination of long sleeves and shorts will keep you comfortable.  Also, bring swimwear because there are nice rivers and beaches in North Conway.  North Conway is in the center of the beautiful White Mountains National Forest; it is a great place to hike, explore, camp, and do other fun outdoor activities.


Traveling to New York City from Boston is very easy! All buses pick up at South Station in Boston, Massachusetts and they arrive at different locations in New York City. Other options include taking the  Amtrak train and this also leaves from South Station. Both transportation options take about 4-5 hours each way and cost an average of $15.00 by bus or $90 by train.

South Station Boston:  http://www.south-station.net
MegaBus (South Station to 7th/27th St, NYC):  http://www.us.megabus.com 
Lucky Star Bus (South Station to Canel Street - China Town NYC):  http://www.luckystarbus.com
Greyhound (South Station to Port Authority):  http://www.greyhound.com
Amtrak (South Station to Penn Station) :  http://www.amtrak.com
Plan a trip to New York City:  http://www.nycgo.com/